for those heart spasms


Worth of Wealth

I am zero years old
I left my dreams terrestrial
to soar towards the sky and touch the belly
of The Great Spirit
The Great Spirit grabbed me braced me and
told me I already knew who i was
know who i am, and who ill be.
We talked and talked but not the kind
through the verbal dance
the kind colorful kindness
of understanding through the drumming of a heart
and how it felt was deeper than any word
learned or any tear burned

I am two years old
I left my dreams terrestrial
to soar towards the sky and play with
The Great Spirit again
The Greatness held my hand to walk me
back and tuck me into my dreams
back to my dreams we sang, to live, breath
and see every worth of my wealth

I am twenty-eight years old
I remember now
the worth of my wealth
breathing is loving laughter says my
family laughing with me.
touch is bittersweet tasting says a lost love
and seeing is stepping forward, says life
pointing in all seven directions.

I Put My Heart In a Glass Jar

To put it away on a shelf

Its parting words told me wisdom of falling leaves

Told me every path leads through a trail of tears before a revolution of love

Told me it loved me deeper than lifes first breath

I put my heart in a glass jar

To put it away on the shelf

Its parting touch gaveled four times

And whispered 

"One day you'll come back for me

You'll be back, come back for home

And when we are home united

I will tell you the wisdom of spring

And the busy life of things."

◆    ◆    ◆

Sheila the Wicked

Once.. I had not spoken to her in a long time, but I had seen how she was living. I finally went to where she dwelled, a ruin lavished with folly and fairy tale. I said come, let us leave this place. She went about crazed, she was a host to a pain body entity that snared and wanted a piece of me. It thought I couldn't see it, but I was watching all along. I pleaded her to leave the place, if only she could step outside. I had enough and was time to go so I gifted the purest whitest snake you'd ever seen. I set it down and its color turned to ash with inky black spots like a chameleon does when frightened, then, the ants started to attack it. And I felt sorry.

◆    ◆    ◆

Love of Prey

Steady pace side to side with 

Eyes fixated on the prize

The heart beat galloping

The body 

A calm wild prize winner

Cool grey and whites

That stain red when preying on hot flesh

A touch 


unknown and congruent to fear 

something fierce and frigid

To domesticate would break the dance

A touch 


new to taste and parallel to lust 

Something new to be tamed 

Who am I who am I 

The wolf questions gazing into your windows while pacing side to side

uncertain of the motive behind those walls that wish to captivate

Still there is a

longing for that first encounter

Who am I who am I

You see me 

You see me now

Will you patiently coax me with friendship

cradle my face

Will you let me be free and

love me for millennia

Sorrow Gives Birth To Light

I'm side lying on the floor
in a sliver of sun
one side of ribs resists the horizon in every breath
The other, comfortably in leeway
I feel all the sadness in the universe
At the same time reminded of all the greatness
I am wishing to be held
And to hold in return
the sun slowly nurtures my back
"There there" it warms the deep space I carry "I will always be here, till each rebirth and death do us part from this galaxy"
It grins mockingly and kisses my cheek with a heap of golden heat
A tear travels across that cheek like a glittering comet
crossing leisurely to its fate
Unraveling a cleansed era in that singular evaporating trail.

RIP Mowgli



I'm alone
I remember you again
But i don't know you again
And I don't feel you anymore
I've learned solace in my asylum

I'm alone
Partner less
but not powerless
I am my own powerhouse
like a water spider propelling
Through the drought
Powering on my own laughter made by years of tears

I'm alone I embrace it
Like an abalone shell waiting to
be plucked from the shore by an admirer
Like another spring
Made of honey and nice things
I was left behind to give and give
As the healers fate will always prefer solitude for company.
I was left behind while you set sail to find a message in a bottle.
I see your sail again but this time it reminds me of the Nina Pinta Santa Maria
And my heart is weakened with weary at the thought of your conquest
at the same time the shadow of my heart reaches towards your familiarity for I am always alone even with you.
I am alone even with you
And it is not you
It will always be me
I am just one.


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